Distressed Debt Management

Creditors in need of a seasoned loan restructuring professional to manage their debt positions may find engaging Interpeak Consulting to be a cost effective outsourcing solution.

Interpeak Consulting is available to be your agent in a troubled lending situation, thereby freeing up your time and avoiding becoming restricted in the loan.

Decision making authority would continue to reside with the debt holder or manager.

Interpeak Consulting can also work directly with your debtor clients, advising them on the preparation required for a debt restructuring or loan renegotiation.

Interpeak Consulting activities would include:

  • Thorough review of credit and collateral documents
  • Review of business plans
  • Provide a complete credit analysis of the debtor
  • Participate in all creditor/debtor discussions
  • Update the client on a real time basis on the progress of the reorganization
  • Analyze plans of reorganization and provide recovery/valuation analysis