Restructuring and Debt Advisory

Having the expertise of a qualified restructuring professional advocating the company’s best interest is critical to achieving the most favorable outcome for the business and all of its stakeholders.

Interpeak Consulting will create a thorough restructuring plan, built on consensus from all of the stakeholders, and one that will be supportable.

Time is a resource that can never be recovered. If your business is facing any of the following financial issues, please call at once for a confidential consultation.

Early Warning Signs of Financial Distress

  • Weakening fixed charge coverages
  • Rapid increase in working capital
  • Reduction in cash liquidity, over reliance of trade credit or seasonal working capital financing
  • Deferring capital investing
  • Deferring or eliminating salary cost of living increases
  • High employee turnover, especially among the financial staff
  • Insufficient resources to repay looming debt maturities
  • Little to no ability to access alternative sources of capital